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Diagnostic Labs

Blood Test

Laboratory at Andorra

Our in-house medical laboratory Offers a vast array of medical diagnostics and is stocked with modern technology and equipment that fulfills most diagnostic requests.

You are assured adequate and accurate results at all times from our highly qualified Medical Lab Technologists who work around the clock to guarantee quality and efficiency.

Our full In-house lab tests at Andorra are:

  • Full Blood Count

  • ABO&Rh Grouping

  • G6PD (Qualitative)

  • Dengue NS1 (Antigen) Rapid Test

  • Dengue IgG/IgM (Antibody) Rapid Test

  • Total Serum Bilirubin (TSB Capillary)

  • Urine Full Examination Microscopic Examination (UFEME)

  • Arterial/Venous Blood Gases (ABG/ VBG) i-STAT

  • Renal Profile i-STAT

  • Rotavirus Antigen rapid test

  • Mycoplasma IgM Antibody rapid test

  • Semen Analysis (Office Hours Only)

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