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We are extremely proud of our dedicated doctors and nurses, as and and every one of them is very committed to providing you with excellent care and treatment at ANDORRA Women & Children Hospital. We are Malaysia's FIRST hospital to feature all female doctors and nurses to suit your needs.

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Obstetrics & Gynaecology


Resident Consultant

Dr Khamsiah Binti Hj. Muda

MMC: 28830 | NSR: 133445

Dr. Missdalia.png

Sessional Consultant

Dr Missdalia Binti Mat Kiah

MMC: 45610 | NSR: 135523


Resident Consultant

Dr Rusinahayati Binti Mokhtarudin

MMC: 34308 | NSR: 130658

Dr. Fidak.png

Sessional Consultant

Dr Noor Fidak Binti Samsudin

MMC: 30776 | NSR: 130822


Visiting Consultant

Dr Marsita Binti Mansor

MMC: 30566 | NSR: 127550


Dr. Salleha Khalid.png

Sessional Consultant

Dr Salleha Binti Khalid

MMC: 41963 | NSR: 133556



Resident Consultant

Dr Asmiati Binti Abd Hamid

MMC: 35066 | NSR: 128656


Resident Consultant

Dr Suhaila Binti Ishak

MMC: 39321 | NSR: 133499



Resident Consultant

Dr Noor Asilah Binti Abdull Rahman

MMC: 32982 | NSR: 130546


Dr. Umi Adzlin Silim-psychiatrist-ANDORR

Sessional Consultant

Dr Umi Adzlin Binti Silim

MMC: 34599 | NSR: 135438

Dr. Norharlina-Bahar-Psychiatry-ANDORRA-

Sessional Consultant

Dr Norharlina Binti Bahar

MMC: 35581 | NSR: 134109



Sessional Consultant

Dr Norashikin Binti Shamsudin

MMC: 34565 | NSR: 127381

Resident Medical Officers


Dr Diyana Fatin Binti Zainal Abidin

MMC: 68276

Dr. Shareena Bahar.png

Dr Shareena Binti Baharudin

MMC: 73942

Dr. Roihana.png

Dr Roihana Binti Samsudin

MMC: 73342

Dr. Hamimah-2.png

Dr Hamimah Binti Ibrahim

MMC: 50849

19 Jalan Utama Suria Tropika 1, Taman Suria Tropika, 43300 Seri Kembangan, Selangor, Malaysia

Tel: +603 8966 1133  (24 hrs)

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