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Paediatric Services

Caring for Young Patients

At ANDORRA Women & Children Hospital, we believe a paediatrician’s job is more than just about vaccines, prescriptions, the physical well-being of a child and sick visits. We are your child’s primary care doctor, who takes full responsibility for their health and well-being, which puts your child happiness at the centre of it all, from the first day there are born.

Our Paediatrics Team, lead by highly experienced paediatricians, complemented with trained nurses and care assistants are here to provide the best care for your child, as well as reassurance for the whole family.

It is often believed that children speak a language of their own, one that adults sometimes have difficulty comprehending. The younger the child, the less they are able to communicate, leaving us to attempt to interpret their crying or fretting. Patient, gentle and trained to recognise distress in their young patients, our paediatric team sees beyond a child’s physical pain, offering solace to both children and anxious parents.

Our super comfortable private rooms make your kid’s stay never feel like a hospital, as it usually described as a “Kids Hotel”.  The in-room satellite TV provides Netflix and YouTube cartoon channels to keep the child's attention and parents can enjoy a restful experience with a comfortable sofa and spacious room. Not to forget, the special menu by our celebrity Chef Zubir who will create a wonderful taste that enlightens the stay with us.

Whether your child needs an urgent check-up or a stay in hospital, we can offer you quick, convenient access with same-day appointments and admission. We do everything in our power to make our “little friend” well again, as quickly as possible. We’ll always go the extra mile to make them feel safe and comfortable, keeping you informed at every step.

Rely on our experienced paediatricians to provide compassionate and comprehensive care during your child’s “sweet and sour” journey of their critical developmental years to adulthood.

Weekend &  Night Clinic For Working Parents

For all working parents, do not worry if your work hours become a challenge to bring your child in to see our specialists.


Our Specialist Night Clinic opens routinely every Wednesday from 7.00 PM to 10.00 PM. 

General Paediatrics
  • Preventive Care

  • Newborn Screening

  • Childhood Immunization

  • Nursery Care

  • Child Health and Nutrition

  • Development and Milestones

  • General Problems Affecting Babies

  • Respiratory

  • Gastro-Intestinal

  • Skin Problems and Birth Marks

  • Kidney

  • Miscellaneous

Special Interest
  • Non-invasive Paediatric Cardiology

  • Fetal Echocardiography

  • Neonatal Heart Screening

  • ECHO Screening of Congenital Heart Disease

  • Out-patient Follow Up and Echocardiography

Accident & Emergency

When your child needs emergency medical attention, the Accidents & Emergencies department at Andorra Hospital is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week.


It is staffed at all times with our Medical Officers, registered professional nurses and support staff. The paediatrician is on standby for all cases of emergency

Searching for a comprehensive vaccination package for your little one?

We offer comprehensive options for our vaccination packages. From basic vaccinations to optional vaccinations, we are here to help your child protect themselves against infections and viruses.


Click here to view our vaccination packages.

Meet our Paediatrics Consultants at ANDORRA

Dr Suhaila Binti Ishak

Resident Consultant



MMC: 39321

NSR: 133499

Assoc Prof Dr Bilkis Banu Shri Abd Aziz-large.png

Assoc Prof Dr Bilkis Banu Shri Abd Aziz

Sessional Consultant



MMC: 28765

NSR: 127058


Dr Lee Pei Yin

Sessional Consultant



MMC: 58287

NSR: 139006

See you soon!
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