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5 Signs Your Baby May Suffer from Hearing Loss

Hearing is one of the biggest blessings anyone could have. Without the ability to hear, one’s abilities could be limited. Thus, it is a must for all parents to ensure their babies are thriving and growing healthily, especially their hearing condition.

Celebrating World Hearing Day 2021 with the theme of "Hearing Care for All", here are five (5) signs to identify whether your baby is suffering from hearing loss;

  • Not being startled by loud sounds

  • Seem to hear only some sounds

  • Not turning towards a sound for babies six months and older

  • Not saying single words like “mama” by the time they turn 1

  • Turns their head if they see you, but not if you only call out their name

What can you do if your baby seems to have one of these signs?

No worries, our Consultant Paediatricians at ANDORRA are here to help you ❤

ANDORRA implemented the Otoacoustic emission testing (OAE). These are the steps taken by our professionals in order to identify hearing problems in your infants.

In OAE screenings, the stimulus level is calibrated in each ear according to the manufacturer's specifications. After stimulus-level requirements have been met, OAEs are collected to meet stopping criteria.

If OAEs do not appear to be present, the probe used for recordings is taken out and inspected to determine if the probe is blocked with cerumen or vernix. A blocked probe should be cleaned and reinserted, and the screening should be repeated.

Should you require further advice from our Paediatric Consultants on hearing test for infants, make an appointment with us now at 03-89661133 or book an appointment request online here.

For more information on our baby package, click here:

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