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ANDORRA Antenatal Class 2024 Calendar

Updated: Feb 28

Hello Expecting Parents! We would like to have YOU in our Antenatal Classes this year! We were glad to share Andorra Women & Children Hospital's 2024 Antenatal Class calendar for you to refer to.

Why you should join ANDORRA Antenatal Classes?

Consider these sessions as a prenatal tour led by knowledgeable medical professionals. You'll interact with other soon-to-be parents in a friendly setting and receive the inside scoop on everything from delivery prep to nutrition.

Dr Maryam during her talk for topic Pregnancy & Labour

Associate Prof Dr Bilkis during her talk for topic Common Neonatal Problems.

Joyful couple during baby care segment.

Exercise session with our guest therapist.

How Does This Benefit You?

Professional Guidance

Our programmes are taught by seasoned healthcare professionals who are committed to your wellbeing, so you may learn from the best

Comprehensive Curriculum & Engaging Sessions

These seminars are your crash course in everything pregnancy related. Covering a wide range of topics from prenatal health to what to expect during labour. Please remember to ask as many questions as possible. Our engaging, hands-on workshops are made to make learning enjoyable and long-lasting. Make sure to be involve in every activities.

Block our Antenatal Class dates in your calendar ASAP!

Our year-long calendar is your go-to guide for a healthy and joyful pregnancy. So don't miss out! Pregnancy is a team effort. Bring your partner along (no excuses) as you will team up for a couple exercises and many more activities.

We can't wait to see you in our next class. DO keep our socials on the lookout for upcoming class session registration.

See you soon future mommies and daddies..


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