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Andorra Parentcraft 101 : Navigating Parenthood in the Modern Age

We have 6 remaining class dates for the year of 2024. Make sure you didn't missed the chance to learn newborn care from our specialist consultant as well as professionally trained staff. ANDORRA Parentcraft 101 is all-in-one parenting class for new parents-to-be or to any existing parents that would want to polish up their new born care skills. Why you should join ANDORRA Parentcraft 101?

Consider these sessions as a prenatal tour led by knowledgeable medical professionals. You'll interact with other soon-to-be parents in a friendly setting and receive the inside scoop on everything from delivery prep to nutrition.

Every couples are entitled to a goodie bag sponsored by our partner, Mommy, Daddy & I

Dr Asilah, our resident anaesthetist is giving lecture on Pain Management.

Common Neonatal Problems & Baby Care lecture by Dr Kishen Kaur

Our well trained nurses teach how to carefully bathe and swaddle your baby.

Best Daddy Wins Challenge to see their skills in baby wrapping.

Dr Lee Pei Yin during her talk on topic ; Common Neonatal Problems.

Our respected lactation counsellor, Mak Yam is giving tips on Succesful Breadfeeding.

Learn Effective Breathing Techniques During Labour & Exercise with our guest speaker, Pn Syazwin Nasution.

Not only mommy have to do exercise, daddy should participate to support too.

Hospital tour is conducted to give a glimpse of ANDORRA compassionate treatments as we practice to all patients.

Happy faces of our participants after one fulfilling day of parenting class.

How Does This Benefit You?

Professional Guidance

Our programmes are taught by seasoned healthcare professionals who are committed to your wellbeing, so you may learn from the best

Comprehensive Curriculum & Engaging Sessions

These seminars are your crash course in everything pregnancy related. Covering a wide range of topics from prenatal health to what to expect during labour. Please remember to ask as many questions as possible. Our engaging, hands-on workshops are made to make learning enjoyable and long-lasting. Make sure to be involve in every activities.

Block our Parentcraft 101 class dates in your calendar ASAP!

Don't miss out! We have 6 more classes left for this year and participations is limited to 25 couples per class only. And it is first register first serve basis.

Pregnancy is a team effort. Bring your partner along (no excuses) as you will team up for a couple exercises and many more activities.

We can't wait to see you in our next class. Click here to register.

See you soon mommies and daddies..


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