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COVID-19 Drive-Thru Test Available at ANDORRA Women & Children Hospital

Do you have COVID-19 symptoms? Or are you delivering your baby at ANDORRA Women & Children Hospital? Are you accompanying your wife in the Labor Room or Operation Theatre at ANDORRA during this pandemic?

Get screened for COVID-19 test via Drive-thru at ANDORRA Women & Children Hospital!

Effective from 28 April 2020 onwards, we offer a COVID-19 Drive-thru test everyday with time slots from 8.30AM until 6.30PM. Our prices for patients and non-patients is RM380. We use RT-PCR ( real-time reverse transcription polymerase chain reaction) type of test that require nasopharyngeal and oropharyngeal swabs. The test is usually done in 5-10 minutes. Here's the process to make an appointment for COVID-19 test at ANDORRA:

  1. Make your appointment via;

  2. Make payment and get your appointment confirmation through our COVID-19 Careline: 0115-6232671 (Office Hours Only);

  3. Turn up for your screening. Provide your confirmation note/Identification Card upon arriving at our Emergency Department Drive-thru;

  4. Results will be generated within 48 hours* (T&C applies).

Upon obtaining the results, our Medical Officer will contact you to inform you the test results and you can get your results by hand at ANDORRA or request to get it through email.

For more information:

☎ 0115-6232671 / 03-89661133

💌 Facebook & Twitter: AndorraCare / Instagram: andorrahospitalofficial

Hope to see you soon at ANDORRA!

Stay safe and healthy!



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