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Tummy Time: A Moment To Spend With Your Baby

It is no doubt how delightful a parent would feel just to see their baby's growth and development from the moment they are born. There are plenty of exercises that can be done to help your baby's growing up progress.

Did you know that tummy time is one of many exercises your baby can do to help prevent them from getting Flat Head Syndrome?

Flat Head Syndrome happens to babies when they sleep with their head placed on the same side during the first months of life. This causes a flat spot, on one side or the back of their head.

Tummy time also helps to strengthen your baby's neck and shoulder muscles so they can start to sit up, crawl and eventually walk. A plus point for tummy time is that it helps with the vision development of your baby.

However, parents need to be careful on the possible risks of tummy time. Be reminded that you should only help your baby perform this exercise when they are conscious and active. Do not do this workout when your baby is tired, sleepy or not in the mood.

Mums and Dads need to also be by their baby's side during tummy time to ensure their safety and avoid any unwanted circumstances. If tummy time is done without a guardian's supervision, there could be a risk of suffocation since newborns are still not fully capable of taking control of their body and surroundings.

Last but not least, tummy time is a really good exercise for your baby so spend some time with them to help with their development 😉


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