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Founder's Introduction

Dr. Khamsiah Muda

Founder, ANDORRA Women & Children Hospital

ANDORRA Women & Children Hospital is the brainchild of Dr. Khamsiah Binti Muda, who hailed from Terengganu, Malaysia, with the strong urge and curiosity since she was 7, of how hens lay eggs, of how kitten is born and of how her sister was born. Such questions have driven this girl to become an Obstetrics & Gynaecology Specialist after dealing with life full of struggle, sufferings and sacrifices in realising her ambition.

After more than 20 years of pursuing her career as an O&G consultant, her aspiration to provide an extraordinary experience to all mothers-to-be and children as the guests in an elegant hotel equipped with excellent healthcare services and motherly values has been materialised into ANDORRA Women & Children Hospital. Every guest is regarded as a unique, beautiful, precious pearl, who deserve to have the motherly touch while staying in ANDORRA.

Based on the philosophies of “By Women for Women” and “Ad-Durrah” in Arabic, ANDORRA carries the meaning of a Pearl, that all guests in ANDORRA are regarded as the precious Pearls.

Just like how a pearl is embraced within the oyster with the utmost care, nurtured with layers after layers of loves, the people in ANDORRA will keep our guests’ best interest at heart with passion, affection and sacrifice so that there’s nothing else you can do, besides feeling like a QUEEN in this world.

With the strong, protective and accommodative values of a father as the shell, brought together with the love, kindness, passion and sacrifice of a mother as the oyster, let’s cherish your journey to parenthood, to bring your precious bundle of joy, the true pearl, into this world. We in Andorra will fill the void, with no emptiness left behind.

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