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100% Female Clinical Staff... for Your Comfort

ANDORRA Women & Children Hospital (ANDORRA) is a healthcare provider that centralizes on the comfort and privacy of women who choose to be taken care of by female Obtetrics & Gynaecology and Anaesthesiology consultants as well as clinical staff throughout their pregnancy journey.

Our female-only Fertility specialists and experienced Psychiatry consultants are all prepared to give the best advice and treatment for our patients.

Apart from taking into priority the experience of women and mothers during their stay at ANDORRA, our team of all-female paediatrics specialists are here to take care of our little patients. It has become a woman's natural instinct to provide love and care for a child and this is a way for us to win the hearts of you and your children.

Aligned with the concept of By Women For Women, the Founder of ANDORRA, Dr Khamsiah Muda, hopes that our principle in bringing 100 per cent female clinical staff on the front line will give you the best comfort throughout all your visits with us 🤍

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