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ANDORRA Pearl Kids Club: Benefits & Privileges For Your Young Ones

Updated: Mar 15, 2023

Are you planning to welcome the arrival of your baby at ANDORRA? Or your newborns and toddlers were previously born here?

Don't miss out on the chance to register your children as members of ANDORRA Pearl Kids Club (APKC) to enjoy the perks and privileges we offer when you bring them to the hospital to get a medical treatment.

Membership Benefits & Privileges

  • 10% discount on Nursing Fee (Outpatients & Inpatient)*

  • 10% discount on Medical Officer consultation fees*

  • 10% discount on equipment charges for inpatient*

  • 10% discount on Room & Board*

  • Exclusive invitations to kids activities or special events!*

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Kindly refer below for the validity as well as the terms and conditions to become a member of APKC for a better understanding on everything we have in store for your little ones!


  • The membership is valid for patients aged 0-12 years old

  • The membership is automatically awarded to newborns with valid ANDORRA Medical Record Number (MRN) upon their date of birth

  • The membership must be registered with a valid member ID that is displayed on their membership card

Not valid for:

  • Insurance paying patients

  • Children who have reached 13 years old

  • Unregistered paediatric patients

  • Specialists consultation charges

  • Lab test charges

Terms & Conditions

  • This membership account or card is non-transferable to other members or non-members

  • Siblings of a club member can register with a 10% discount from registration fee of RM30.00

  • Members must present this card to enjoy benefits and privileges of the ANDORRA Pearl Kids Club (APKC)

  • This membership is not valid for insurance paying patients

  • This membership is not valid after members have reached 13 years old

  • This membership is not applicable to specialist consultation charge

  • This membership is not applicable to lab test charges

ANDORRA reserves the right to change the benefits, privileges, terms and conditions should any circumstances and regulations change without prior notice.

Become a member today and enjoy privileges... just for your little ones!

Click on the link here to register. We hope your time spent receiving medical treatment at ANDORRA is worthwhile 🤍

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