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Dr Khamsiah Muda: The Figure That Inspires Us All

Dr Khamsiah Muda, the Founder of ANDORRA Women And Children Hospital, is the person who inspires a lot of mothers out there. She is also the person who loves each and every one of us. You, your children, even the other ANDORRIANS.

Her idea to give our patients the best services, with the concept of a five-star hotel was the reason that brought ANDORRA to where it stands now. Her visions were what made us ANDORRIANS do all our best to give you the comfort you deserve.

Translating a mother's love in teaching us to be diligent and precise in delivering our tasks is her passion. We pledge to work together to deliver her visions in making ANDORRA "a home away from home", but with lots of love.

Without her brilliance, we will not be able to celebrate YOU with an abundance of love and unique PEARL experience ❤️❤️

Happy birthday, Dr Kham.

Love always,


DISCLAIMER: Each individual in the photograph and video has gone through Covid-19 screening and has been tested negative of the virus.


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