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Elective Caesarean Delivery: Who Is It For?

We often get questions from patients asking us whether it is possible for them to go through an elective Caesarean delivery instead of a normal birth even if they have no current or previous pregnancy history that prohibit them from giving birth the traditional way.

Is it possible, though?

In general, vaginal birth and Caesarean delivery are two of the most common types of baby delivery.

Some women do not have any complications and are able to deliver normally with or without assistance (anaesthetics, epidural, episiotomy, vacuum etc.).

However, some other women may have complications before or during labour for such placenta abruption, cord prolapse, abnormal positioning, fetal distress etc. that may require them to undergo a Caesarean delivery instead of a vaginal birth.

So, can pregnant ladies who do not have complications, as mentioned earlier, choose to have a Caesarean delivery?

The answer is, yes. It is called maternal request. You can request for a Caesarean delivery even if you do not have any indications for it.

Please discuss with your doctors during your regular antenatal checkups so they can explain to you in detail the risks of Caesarean delivery before you decide to go through with the procedure 😉

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