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Father: The Unsung Hero of The Family

When it comes to parenting, Mums are always the priority in every situation. Try Googling tips and tricks of parenting, you would see the ones that benefit Mums the most.

Surround yourself with couples who have small children, you would see how those toddlers would only run to their Mums for just about anything.

We often hear kids yelling,

"Mummy! Mummy!" when they are in a bad mood or when they need help.

But it's not frequent that we hear children calling out,

"Daddy! Daddy!" for the same purposes.

Mums are always the favourite and Dads are just there to watch their children being so attached to their Mums.

Is it fair for Mums, though? Are Dads free from their responsibility as a parent? Do they not have to worry about calming down their crying child and helping their wives out?

Well, we may not see it but Dads also have their own part of the bargain.

“No words can describe how thankful we are to have you as our partner for life, the one who helps taking care of the children and also the one who gives all he could to make his wife and children happy.”

Dads may not feel the hurt of giving birth. They may not feel the 9-months worth of fatigue Mums feel while carrying their baby. Dads may not feel the sadness their wives feel when they start losing hair and when their teeth start to weaken.

But a good Dad knows how to ease the pain, even if not physically. A good Dad knows how to take care of his crying baby and let his wife sleep in. An amazing Dad knows how to comfort his wife and assure her that she is still beautiful despite all the battle scars she had along her journey of bringing a new life into the world.

Dads are the unsung heroes. The heroes whose sacrifices and efforts often go unnoticed, but they are also the heroes who will always be there when their loved ones are in need.

So, this is an appreciation post to all Dads out there.

Thank you for being the best Dad to your children. Thank you for being the best husband your wife could ever ask for. Despite all the sacrifices you have made to build a home for your family, you have given everything you could to the ones you love.

Happy Father’s Day ❤️❤️

Father’s Day is celebrated every third Sunday of June. This year, it fell on the 20th. It is recognized to honouring fatherhood and the influence of fathers in our everyday lives.

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