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Suicide Is Not An Answer | World Suicide Prevention Day 2021

In support of the World Suicide Prevention Day which is celebrated on 10 September annually, the Guardians of ANDORRA are here and all ready to be your listening ears and the shoulders for you to lean on.

This year's theme is Creating Hope Through Actions. If you know someone close, family or friends, who are struggling or showing suicidal signs, Reach Out and listen to them. If you are struggling yourself, please please please seek help for emotional support or professional support. Each life is valuable, thus #BeTheLight for anybody losing them.

Whatever hardship it may be, whether it is you or your loved ones, please remember that there are people around you who love you and need your presence in their lives.

Keep in mind that there is a solution to every problem... and suicide is not it.

If you can't seem to open up to your family or your loved ones, please reach out to our friends at;

  • Befrienders - +0603-76272929 (24 hours)

  • Talian Kasih - +6019-2615999 (24 hours)

  • Buddy Bear Childline - 1800-18-2327 (Daily, 12PM - 12AM)


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