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Talking To Your Baby... The Easy Way

Did you know? Talking to your baby using adult speech with a different cadence can boost their language development.

According to a study conducted from University of Washington, United States of America, 18-month-old babies learned and used more words when their parents made enough effort to speak to them using these tips below.

A study from Stanford University found that when parents utilise this colourful way of communicating, babies listen and participate more.

So, here you go...

Some tips on how to talk to your baby to help boost their brain power at an early age;

  • Talk in a 'sing-song' voice

  • Use normal tone

  • Talk about what you are doing

  • Read books/stories to them

  • Respond when they 'babble'

This information may be helpful for you and your baby, so no harm in trying.

Good luck!


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