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Congratulations Dr Khamsiah Muda, Madam Aspalela Ramly | The Women of Excellence Awards 2021/22

24 March, Shangri-La Kuala Lumpur - The Women of Excellence Awards (WOEA) recognises individuals and companies which have contributed to supporting women empowerment and bringing the word ‘equality to a whole new level.

Making its first debut, WOEA, powered by The CEO Malaysia magazine, celebrates and recognises individuals and organisations from all industry to honour those who have impacted the workforce and set an example of what women are capable of.

Out of 350 business leaders and entrepreneurs that were nominated for the awards, Dr Khamsiah Muda, the Founder of ANDORRA Women and Children Hospital has been awarded the Lifetime Achievement Award in Healthcare Industry (Women and Children Hospital).

Dr Khamsiah's experience of at least 20 years in obstetrics and gynaecology has brought her to a level where she is recognised by not only the industry players, but also her existing and new patients who keep coming back to her to get her skillful service in childbirth as well as gynaecology cases.

In addition to Dr Khamsiah's achievement in being one of the main players' in founding ANDORRA, Madam Aspalela Ramly, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the hospital was also awarded the Excellence Women CEO in Healthcare Industry (Women and Children Hospital).

Madam Aspalela's vast knowledge in the world of corporate and entrepreneurship have not only helped ANDORRA reach its status as one of the leading women and children hospitals in Malaysia, but also in realizing the hospital's mission in being a syariah-friendly healthcare centre.

The Guardians of ANDORRA would like to congratulate our beloved founder and aspiring CEO for their achievements. We are more than proud to be working alongside you on this amazing journey in making ANDORRA a successful syariah-friendly, holistic healthcare centre.

Once again, congratulations, Dr Khamsiah and Madam Aspalela!


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