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From the desk of CEO: Happy 64th Independence Day!

Updated: Aug 30, 2021

Dear Malaysians,

Happy 64th Independence day!

Today, we are celebrating our freedom in the name of "Malaysia". The one word we know which defines liberty, peace & happiness. We are blessed with having such colourful people and cultures that would transcend for generations to come. We are going our best to make Malaysia our forever home, even for our future leaders, equip them with what we know and what we would want to left behind.

Even in this new normal era, we try our best to keep fighting against Covid-19, help to make Malaysia even stronger. I truly admire our people's strength and tenacity, never giving up Malaysia, even one bit. Just like us Guardians of ANDORRA, we are here to help Malaysia go through this pandemic. We are always here for you.

With Selangor reaching 80% Covid-19 vaccination rate to this day, I hope we will achieve herd immunity, even for other states soon. We missed our guests from all around Malaysia dearly and hope to see them again soon when the situation is safe again.

Let us always pray for Malaysia to get through this pandemic safely and unscathed.

Happy birthday, Malaysia!

Aspalela Ramly

Chief Executive Officer

ANDORRA Women & Children Hospital



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