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ANDORRA as a Husband-friendly Hospital

Going to be a father soon at ANDORRA Women & Children Hospital? We got you covered. At ANDORRA, we want the fathers and husbands to feel at home so they can attend to their loved ones freely.

ANDORRA Women & Children Hospital strives to be a 'Husband-Friendly' hospital. Our objectives include:

  • To provide moral support (psychological and spiritual) to our guests.

  • Offer the opportunity for the husbands to be at the wife's bedside for motivation and encouragement.

  • Improve safe and quality services in the Labour Room.

This policy is applied to ALL HUSBANDS accompanying delivering Mommies at ANDORRA Women & Children Hospital.

Refer to our Policies & Procedures for husbands at ANDORRA Women & Children Hospital:

  • Only the husband or delivery partner can be in the Labour Room during the delivery process.

  • Obtain the consent of indemnity from the husband by Doctor-In-Charge.

  • Provide orientation of the Labour Room to the husband.

  • Provide visitor pass and guest's disposable gown to the husband once the guest starts the delivery process.

  • No equipment or instruments can be touched by the husband during his presence in the Labour Room.

  • Husbands must only remain in his wife's delivery room.

  • Video recording and picture-taking are only allowed at the birth of the baby after the permission obtained from the Doctor-In-Charge and must be under supervision.

  • The husband must leave the Labour Room as instructed by the Doctor-In-Charge, Labour Room staff or in any emergency situations.

  • Allow Muslim husbands to perform "Tahnik & Azan". This is only for stable babies as per the Doctor's advice.

Fathers and husbands play an important role in their family's well-being. Often times are the unsung heroes of a family. ANDORRA Women & Children Hospital is providing endless support towards fathers and husbands moving forward as a Husband-friendly hospital.

See you soon at ANDORRA!


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