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It Is Time To #BreakTheBias | International Women's Day 2022

Gender equality today for a sustainable tomorrow... this is the theme for this year's International Women's Day. This year's celebration focuses on empowering women and girls to have a voice and be equal players in decision-making related to climate change and sustainability is essential for sustainable development and greater gender equality.

In essence, the theme aligns with ANDORRA's principle in celebrating and valuing women empowerment in the nation's healthcare industry. The role of a woman is more than just a mother or a daughter. They play one of the biggest roles in creating a young citizens of successful thinkers, makers and innovators who will become great leaders.

This year, the Guardians of ANDORRA celebrate the women of power with a small token of appreciation. Nothing could pay for what they have done for their loved ones, but we decide that a small gift could brighten up their day.

We wish this small gift of our exclusive sleeping mask could be a way for our beloved visitors to remember us by. Happy International Women's Day to all you beautiful ladies out there, no matter where you are 🤍


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