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Admission Guide


More than just admission - It's a vacation!

When you arrive at Andorra, please check-in as soon as you enter by proceeding to our friendly reception staff. Our experienced front office staff will guide you further and provide you with any paperwork required, as well as guiding you through the crucial stages of your hospital stay.


The admissions and discharge office is located behind the front reception area, immediately opposite the front entrance of the hospital.


Once you have checked in, we will guide you to the right department, offering you support and assistance all the way.


As you are settling in, our specialist team members will explain the upcoming procedures and will answer any questions or queries you may have, ensuring everything you need to know has been cleared with regards to your time with us.

Admission Times:

7.00 AM to 9.00PM, Daily

After 9.00 PM: Admissions are welcomed at our Emergency Department.


In case of emergency, please proceed to the Emergency Department located on the ground floor.

All admissions require a deposit and/or letter of guarantee

Payment can be made by cash or any major credit card

Personal Items:

Please do bring along personal items such as pyjamas/night clothes and personal items you wish to keep with you.


Please do not keep large sums of money, jewellery and other valuables during your stay in the hospital as we cannot be responsible for the loss of such items.

See you soon!
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