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Emergency Services


Accident and Emergency

24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Located at the Ground Floor, our clinical team, composed of team of doctors and nursing staff, provides patients with the best clinical care. As quickly as possible while allaying the distress and anxiety that are associated with accidents and emergencies. We accept all patients regardless of gender, age, race and religion at our Emergency Department in ANDORRA Women & Children Hospital.


Medical Health Checkup

General Diagnosis

General Practice

General Treatment

Adult Vaccination

Other Services 

  • Renders professional medical care to patients seeking treatment in the Emergency Room compliance with the established guidelines, policy and procedures

  • Initiates prompt referral to the Consultant as and when required by the patient's condition.

  • Shall inform the Consultant concerned about any patient who is admitte, through the Emergency Room, under her care.

  • Assist the medical consultant when required in the immediate treatment and management of the patient in the Emergency Room.

  • Provides medical support when required to transfer a patient to another facility locally.

  • To accompany critically ill patients for transfer to another Health Care Facility.

  • Responds to all Code Blue calls and acts as the Primary medical person until relieved by a Medical Consultant.​

  • Prescribe the appropriate screening and vaccinations programmes for patients requiring such a service.

  • Performs phlebotomy and insertion of intravenous lines when required

Dr Diyana Fatin Binti Zainal Abidin.jpg

Dr Nor Diyana Fatin Binti Zainal Abidin

Medical Officer

Emergency Department


MMC: 68276


Dr Nor Shareena Binti Baharudin

Medical Officer

Emergency Department


MMC: 73942

Dr. Roihana.png

Dr Roihana Binti Samsudin

Medical Officer

Emergency Department


MMC: 73342

Dr. Hamimah-2.png

Dr Hamimah Binti Ibrahim

Medical Officer

Emergency Department


MMC: 50849

Meet our Medical Officers at ANDORRA's Emergency Department
Emergency Services



General Operation & Patient Enquiry




General Operation & Patient Enquiry

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