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Ovarian Cancer: A Silent Killer

Updated: Jun 22, 2022

Ovaries are a pair of organs that produce eggs and hormones in the female body. Most ovarian cancers arise from the surface of the ovary (epithelial cancer) and a fraction derived from the egg cells (germ cell cancer).

According to the Malaysian National Cancer Registry (2012-2016), ovarian cancer is the fourth most common cancer among women in Malaysia and every year, around 500 cases of ovarian cancer are diagnosed.

Statistic also shows that ovarian cancer is more common among Malay women in Malaysia with 5.9%, followed by Chinese and Indian with 5.4%.

The lifetime risk of getting ovarian cancer is 1 in 167. From this data, more than 56.3% are detected in the advanced stages, which comprise of stages three and four. Although it commonly affects women aged 40 years old and peaks between 55 and 60, it could also affect women younger than 20 years old.

There are no definite causes of ovarian cancer. However, the symptoms are sometimes subtle or could be similar to the symptoms of other illnesses.

Symptoms of ovarian cancer

  • Diarrhea/constipation

  • Swelling in the abdomen

  • Persistent bloating

  • Abnormal vaginal bleeding

If you or your family members are experiencing any of the symptoms aforementioned, please immediately seek advice from your doctor because the deadly disease is often undiagnosed until it is already in its advanced stages.

Get to know your own body, identify the symptoms and physical changes you may feel or see even if they seem small and subtle.

ANDORRA Women & Children Hospital offers a range of Ladies Health Screening packages and one of them is Premium Rose, which consists of Tumor Marker to help identify the presence of ovarian cancer.

You will also be given a complementary ANDORRA's exclusive cloth face mask and a light refreshment at ANDORRA's Little Cafe when you come for a Ladies Health Screening session. Details of our Premium Rose package are as below;

Get yourself a health screening by reaching us at 0389661133 or book your session via our Online Appointment Booking at

Stay safe, stay healthy.


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